GMED School of Medicine Kazan, Russia

Shopping and Entertainment Center Tomsk, Russia

IT University Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana Business Campus Astana, Kazakhstan

Congress Center Almaty, Kazakhstan

Hotel ”Hampton by Hilton” Turkestan, Kazakhstan

Hotel ”Holiday Inn” Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Apartments Nevsky Izhevsk, Russia

Apartments The City of Gunsmiths Izhevsk, Russia

Apartments Blackberry Izhevsk, Russia

Sky Towers Apartments Izhevsk, Russia

Nazarbayev Centre 2nd Stage Astana, Kazakhstan

Retail and Entertainment Complex Turan Avenue and E22 Str. Crossing Astana, Kazakhstan

The Reconstruction of International Pavilions (C1 Block) Astana, Kazakhstan

Media Center Astana, Kazakhstan

Expo Hilton Hotel Astana, Kazakhstan

Kazan Smart City Transit Hotel Kazan, Russia

Astana Railway Station Astana, Kazakhstan

Marriott Hotel Astana, Kazakhstan

Expo Congress Centre Astana, Kazakhstan

The office and industrial buildings of ‘’Setevaya Kompaniya’’ Chistopol, Russia

The office and industrial buildings of ”Setevaya Kompaniya” Kazan, Russia

Mountain Carrousel, Sochi, Russia

Fund and Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Astana, Kazakhstan

Sochi Mariott Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Russia

Swissotel Sochi Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Russia

Rixos Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Russia

Nazarbayev University Astana, Kazakhstan

Setevaya Kompaniya Headquarters Building Kazan, Russia

Pactukhova Hotel and SPA Center Izhevsk, Russia

Park Inn Hotel Izhevsk, Russia

Gorkogo Apartment Complex Tyumen, Russia

Baramzino Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

Bus Station Astana, Kazakhstan

Individual house in Pestrechinsky region Kazan, Russia

10 let Oktyabrya Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

“West” Bus Station for 30.000 Departures, North Part of Raiymbek Ave Corner of Auezov str. in Almaty, Kazakhstan

10 let Oktyabrya Apartment Complex, Izhevsk, Russia

Aktobe Hotel 4 Stars Aktobe, Kazakhstan

Rehabilitation Medicine and Active Aging Complex Almaty, Kazakhstan

Vision RC Astana, Kazakhstan

Retail and office centre Milicionnaya str. Izhevsk, Russia

Multifunctional Retail and Logistics Complex (Cross Docking Platform A) Astana, Kazakhstan

The Complex of Food Factory with Laundry and Accomodation, Astana, Kazakhstan

Ring Hotel, Shuchinsk, Kazakhstan

Royal Park City RC Astana, Kazakhstan

Ambulance Service Station Aktobe, Kazakhstan

RC at Husseyn Ben Talal and 37 Str. Crossing Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana Business Center Astana, Kazakhstan

Feng Shui Hotel Astana, Kazakhstan

Severnaya Office Center Izhevsk, Russia

Euroasian Transport Logistical Center Omsk, Russia

Residential Complex and Shopping Center on Militia Str., Izhevsk, Russia

Autoparking for 400 places Astana, Kazakhstan

Hotel Joy the Mirage Kazan, Russia

Omsk Office Center Omsk, Russia

Hotel complex on grove Frunze street Kazan, Russia

Children’s Entertainment Center Kazan, Russia

Joy Hotel Yelabuga, Russia

Seyfullin Business Center Alma Ata, Kazakhstan

Profsoyuznaya Mixed-Use Project Tyumen, Russia

Business Center Krasnoyarsk, Russia

IBC International Broadcast Center Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Solis Suits, Sochi, Russia

Head Office of Komos Company Izhevsk, Russia

Borovoye Matyushino Villas Kazan, Russia

Truda Mixed-Use Project Magnitogorsk, Russia

Spartakovsky Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

50 let Oktyabrya Apartment Complex Izhevsk , Russia

Izhevsk Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

Botanical Garden Apartment Complex Aktau, Kazakhstan

Bank on Sovetskaya street Izhevsk, Russia

Lake Apartments Tyumen, Russia

Rabinovicha Tarskaja Apartment Complex Omsk, Russia

Villa Moscow, Russia

9 Yanvarya Mixed-Use Project Izhevsk, Russia

Individual house in Kuzemetevo Kazan, Russia

Profsoyuznaya Mixed-Use Project Tyumen, Russia

50 let Oktyabrya Mixed-Use Project Tyumen, Russia

Udmurtskaya Mixed-use Complex Izhevsk, Russia

Individual House Izhevsk, Russia

Pesochnaya Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

The Izhevsk Pond Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

Astana Laundry and Catering Astana, Kazakhstan

Borovoye Matyushino Apartment Complex Kazan, Russia

Han Shatyr Residential Blocks Astana, Kazakhstan

Meteor Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

RC Arman Kala BI GROUP Astana, Kazakhstan

Individual house in the village of Petrovsky Kazan, Russia

Gorkiy Elite Apartment Complex Tyumen, Russia

Residential Complex on Krasnobogatyrskaya street Moscow, Russia

Residential and retail and office complex on the street militia Izhevsk, Russia

Magnitogorsk Mixed-use Project Magnitogorsk, Russia

Bank on Udmurtskaya street Izhevsk, Russia

Pushkinskaya Mixed-Use Project Izhevsk, Russia

Izhevsk Office Center Izhevsk, Russia

30 let Oktyabrya Office Building Izhevsk, Russia

Votkinskiy Apartment Complex Izhevsk, Russia

Shirokaya Mixed-use Project Moscow, Russia

Starovatutinskiy Mixed-use Project Moscow, Russia

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